Mapster lets you make a custom map of your favourite places [App of the Week]

Making your own maps and sharing them with friends is now easier than ever

Mapster is an app that lets users create customizable maps of their favourite locations and other stuff that doesn’t usually get charted.

This app is really useful for people to share there favourite hidden gem locations or build a database of memorable travel locations.

The app works across the web, iOS and Android. The experience is also very similar across all three platforms.

To start using the app users need to add some points of interest to their map. When I was using the app I added a few of my favourite restaurants, stores and another entrance to the train station that I recently discovered.

When a point is added, all a user needs to do is choose a tag or two, give it a title and a relevant icon. Mapster will fill in the address and give it a Google Street View image to round it out. Once all of the points are charted users can look at them on a map, or as a list.

The mapping tool allows for users to add cool places in their neighbourhood or where they work. Alternatively, this could be helpful to share with friends or family who might be visiting your city and want to know what where cool things are.

The app gets even better when you share your map with friends. Letting other see your saved locations and in turn being able to see theirs, adds quite a bit of fun to exploring new places.

The app is available in the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store. A desktop version of Mapster is also available.