Koodo and Virgin offer $5 per month wireless home phone plans for 12 months

Both flanker brands are offering deals for a year of reduced wireless home phone service

Flanker brands Koodo and Virgin are currently offering month-to-month wireless home phone plans for $5 during the first 12 months of service.

The purchase of a home phone hub is also required for $40, through both flanker brands.

Wireless home phone hubs work with a SIM card so that they can be toted from location to location — for instance, from a home to a cottage. A cordless or corded phone is necessary to plug into the hub.

At Telus-owned Koodo, the wireless home phone plan includes unlimited Canada-wide calling, voicemail 10, call display, call waiting, conference calling and call forwarding (up to 2,500 minutes).

There’s a $30 connection fee for purchases made in-store, but that’s waived when purchases are made online.

At Bell’s Virgin Mobile, the $5 plan has the same features, but there’s also an option to pay $10 for 12 months on a two-year agreement and get the home phone hub for $0 down.

Rogers-owned Fido is currently offering wireless home phone service with unlimited Canada-wide calling for $18 per month for existing customers and $30 for new customers.

While many might want to use the SIM card for this device in a smartphone, many Red Flag Deal forum users report that’s not a sure bet and recommend against doing so. Still, the deal is intriguing to those looking for an ultra low-cost home phone plan.