Dell and HP might be building premium Chromebooks

A wave of powerful Chromebooks might be one the way

Recent reports are predicting that up to five different hardware manufacturers are working on bringing premium Chrome OS devices to market this year.

The range of Chrome devices will pack high-end specs like Kaby lake processors, eight to 16GB of RAM, backlit keys and high-resolutions displays.

Currently, the very expensive Pixelbook from 2017 is the only top-of-the-line Chromebook, so it’s about time for a refresh in the Chrome OS space.

According to XDA Developers, this speculative information was gained by looking at different specs on a new ‘master board’ on Chrome OS development channels.

A master board is used by multiple developers and manufactures to define a base spec set up for Chromebooks. For example, a lot of education-focused Chromebooks feature similar specs because they all stem from the same master board.

It can be speculated from looking at boards that are offshoots of the premium Chromebook master board that there could be as many as five new high-end Chromebooks in the works.

The code names for these boards are called Nami, Akali, Sona, Pantheon and Vayne. According to XDA Developers, Vanye is the code name for Dell’s device while Sona is HP’s.

It would be interesting to see if these devices are able to pack powerful hardware, but still  come in at a cheaper price than the Pixelbook’s $1,300 CAD price tag.

Source: XDA Developers