Access the world’s largest entertainment library with SelectTV

Streaming sites like Netflix and Hulu boast fairly impressive libraries, but they’re by no means the largest, nor do they have the premium content that still makes cable networks relevant today. SelectTV, by contrast, boasts the world’s largest entertainment library, filled with TV shows, movies, radio stations, and content from top networks, all in one central, intuitive interface. One-year subscriptions are on sale today for nearly 40% off the usual price.

With a subscription to SelectTV, you can watch more than 300,000 TV episodes, 200,000 movies, 50,000 radio stations, and more on all of your devices. SelectTV boasts more than 2,000 curated channels, with latest episodes from top networks, as well as classic TV from the last 50 years, and it unifies your entertainment by combining all your subscriptions into one centralized guide.

Plus, those who sign up can also enjoy nine free months of combined Free Trials of premium services including HBONow, Showtime, Netflix, Hulu, CBS All-Access, SlingTV, and Amazon Prime Video.

Now, you can sign up for a 1-year subscription to SelectTV for $24 CAD [$19 USD].