Get More Done with 100 Hours of Leadership Training

Not all of us gravitate toward positions of leadership, but the reality is that understanding how to guide and elevate those around you is vital to being a successful professional. And, while leadership skills don’t come to us all naturally, it’s never too late to bring yourself up to speed with the Lifetime Learn Leadership Bundle, now on sale for more than 90 percent off its usual price.

This 10-course collection features 100 hours of training on what it takes to be a more effective and confident leader. From influence and persuasion to goal-setting and performance management, you’ll cultivate skills core to operating in a position of leadership. You’ll cover key strategies for setting initiatives and keeping others on track, as well as effectively delegating and coaching and mentoring others to reach their full potentials.

The Lifetime Learn Leadership Bundle is on sale today for $37.73 CAD [$29.99 USD], saving you more than 90 percent off its normal retail price.

Source: SyrupDeals