Classic Sega games are coming to the Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch side view

Sega is bringing a variety of games from its classic Genesis library to the Nintendo Switch, including Sonic The Hedgehog, Phantasy Star and of course, one-time mascot for the once powerful brand, Alex Kidd.

The collection is set to release worldwide this summer under the name ‘Sega Ages.’ Development is being handled by M2, the team behind Sega 3D Classics, a collection of retro remakes for the 3DS.

Sega says that the games will incorporate “new features,” but doesn’t go into any other additional detail. It would be fascinating if Sega added some form of online features to its classic library, though its unlikely this will happen.

The company has used the ‘Sega Ages’ name in the past for a collection of classic arcade games on the Sega Saturn back in the mid-90s.

The Switch version of Sega Ages is set to include over 15 games, though not all of them have been announced yet. Along with the above titles, it’s been confirmed that Thunder Force IV and Gain Ground are coming to the console.

Sega has been on a bit of a nostalgic kick lately, with the company also recently revealed plans to release a miniature version of the Genesis called the Mega Drive Mini.

Via: Kotaku