ZTE conceptualizes dual-notch smartphone with transparent glass corners

Chinese smartphone manufacturer, ZTE has introduced a design concept for a smartphone with- two notches. The ‘ZTE Iceberg’ would be the first-ever smartphone with a bottom and top notch.

The design concept also includes transparent housing corners, making the phone appear to have rounded corners but not actually. According to ZTE, these corners merge the glass back and front to form a unibody device.

The top notch hosts a front camera, as well as distance and brightness sensors and an earpiece. Meanwhile, the lower notch features the second loudspeaker, giving the phone a stereo speaker setup.

The ZTE Iceberg also features a fingerprint sensor and a dual camera setup on its rear. In addition, it has wireless charging and some sort of magnetic connectors below the logo.

Currently, this phone is only a concept that was published to IF World Design Guide. If this phone ever does come to fruition, it won’t be this year.

Source: IF World Design Via: WinFuture, Roland Quandt