You can now ask Alexa to play Amazon Music songs on iOS and Android in Canada

Apple Music

Amazon Canada has confirmed that Prime Music subscribers can now ask Alexa to play songs with voice commands with the Amazon Music app for iOS and Android.

In order to get this feature up and running you first need to launch the Amazon Music app. Next, tap the Alexa icon located in the bottom right corner, and then finally, request the specific genre, era, mood, album, artist or song you want to hear.


Below is a collection of some of the simple Amazon Music voice commands Alexa is now compatible with:

  • Music by song name: “Alexa, play ‘New Rules’ by Dua Lipa”
  • Album title: “Alexa, play the Everything Now album by Arcade Fire”
  • Artist name: “Alexa, play The Weeknd”
  • Playlist and station: “Alexa, play the ‘Hockey Rock’ playlist” or “Alexa, play the ‘Today’s Hip-Hop & R&B’ station”
  • Genre: “Alexa, play hip-hop music” or “Alexa, play alternative music”
  • Mood: “Alexa, play relaxing music”
  • Era: “Alexa, play 90s rock music”
  • Popularity: “Alexa, play the most popular songs by Justin Bieber”
  • Chronology: “Alexa, play the latest song by Alessia Cara”

It’s worth noting that in order to get Alexa to listen to your command, you can’t simply say”Alexa,” — like you can with Google Assistant on Android or Siri with iOS devices. Instead, you first need to press the Alexa icon in the app before a saying a command.

Amazon Music is available in the iOS App Store as well as the Google Play Store.

Amazon charges $79 CAD per year with a 30-day trial period for its Prime services. In terms of Quebec, there’s no trial , ut the cost amounts to $79 for a 13-month subscription.