Pokémon Go adds new gameplay mechanic and legendary Pokémon Mew

Niantic adds more depth to the world of Pokémon Go

The world of Pokémon Go is getting a little bigger this week.

On March 30th Niantic is adding a new game mechanic: research tasks. Professor Willow will be popping up and asking trainers to help him do more research as they play. These tasks will be split into two categories, field research and special research.

Field research seems to range from simple missions like spinning PokéStops, to harder tasks such as winning three raid battles.

Special research is unclear but a Pokémon Company update says that Professor Willow will request this research and it will be a story-driven event that leads to important discoveries, though what those are remains to be seen.

Both types of research can offer unique rewards such as TMs, rare candy, rare Pokémon encounters or mystery items.

Trainers can earn one stamp per day. Once they collect seven stamps they will be rewarded with a research breakthrough filled with even greater loot and the possibility of encountering a legendary Pokémon, which by the look of the promotional images, may be Mew.

Source: Niantic, The Pokémon Company