Microsoft’s new Xbox Live Avatars are rumoured to finally launch in April

Xbox Live new avatar

Microsoft plans to finally launch its new Xbox Live Avatars next month, according to new rumours.

The tech giant first showed off the redesigned avatars at E3 last year, stating that they’d make their way to both Xbox One and Windows 10 users by the end of 2017.

While Microsoft didn’t hit that release window, sources close to the matter have told The Verge that the feature will roll out to Xbox Insiders later this month, but only to users in the Xbox Alpha ring of testing.

Mike Ybarra, Microsoft’s corporate vice president of gaming, recently tweeted that the Xbox One’s new avatars will launch “when they’re ready,” possibly indicating that there’s no truth to the April release speculation.

Microsoft’s new avatars — similar to the avatars that were available with the Xbox 360 — allow users to make online characters featuring various body types, skin colours, clothing and of course, all-important props. With its new avatars, Microsoft is also making an effort on the diversity front, with the feature’s trailer showing off an amputee and an avatar in a wheelchair.

The new avatars will be visible on the Xbox One Dashboard and the console’s Home Screen area, according to Microsoft. As expected, it’s also believed that Microsoft will launch an avatar store in the future, allowing the purchase of clothing, props and other customization features. The Xbox 360 also featured an avatar store, though props and clothing were often available as free bonuses with certain games.

These new, more diverse Xbox One avatars are designed to replace the ones that launched alongside the Xbox 360 back in 2008.

Source: The Verge