Google brings Maps ‘Parking Difficulty’ feature to Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver

Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver are among 25 international cities where the feature is now available

Google Maps

Mountain View search giant Google is making it easier for Maps users in 25 cities outside of the U.S. to find decent parking spots.

Originally rolled out to 25 U.S. cities last year, the Google Maps ‘Parking Difficulty’ icons are a feature that allows users to quickly make note of how difficult or easy it is to find parking at a particular location.

The feature is now rolling out to 25 international cities, including Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver.

“With parking difficulty icons, the ability to find parking, and save your parking location on the map, Google Maps get you from point A to point B and everything in between,” reads an excerpt from a March 6th, 2018 Google blog post.

The parking difficult icon shows up when users search for directions to a location.

“Parking difficulties range from limited to medium to easy and are based on historical parking data with a little machine learning magic,” reads an excerpt from the same March post.

The feature is currently only available for Google Maps on Android.

Source: Google