RCMP, CSE to receive $1 billion to improve Canadian cybersecurity

The funding was allocated as per the Liberal government's 2018 budget

An image of uniformed RCMP officers

Canada’s federal government plans on investing over $1 billion over the next five years to improve the country’s cybersecurity efforts.

The Liberal government’s 2018 budget broke down this spending, with $507.7 million CAD (and $108.8 million each year afterwards) proposed to create a new ‘National Cyber Security Strategy.’

The government plans on investing an additional $236.5 million over years (and $41.2 million each year afterwards) to further support this new cybersecurity strategy.

The new cybersecurity strategy will focus on three specific goals: ensuring “secure and resilient Canadian systems”; building an “innovative and adaptive cyber ecosystem”; and supporting “effective leadership and collaboration between different levels of Canadian government and partners around the world.”

The government also plans on investing $155.2 million over five years (and $44.5 million each year afterwards) to help the Communications Security Establishment (CSE) create a “Canadian Centre for Cyber Security.’

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) is set to receive $116 million (and $23.2 million each year afterwards) to create a ‘National Cybercrime Coordination Unit.’

“Taken together, these investments will allow Canadians to continue to benefit from digital connections in a way that protects them, their personal information and our infrastructure from cybercrime.”

Source: Budget 2018