Niantic releases Pokémon Go documentary narrated by Stephen Fry

Pokemon Go

Niantic recently brought a new wave of creatures to Pokémon Go along with other new features like dynamic, real-time weather.

Now, the developer has released a short nature documentary that’s surprisingly reminiscent of Pokémon Snap in some respects — the greatest Pokémon game ever made — that’s also narrated by Stephen Fry.

The video is a spoof of the BBC’s popular Planet Earth series, but with colourful Pokémon instead of sharks, rodents and other animals. The video is also scored by George Fenton, who created the soundtrack for Planet Earth and Blue Planet.

Along with Pokemon Go, Niantic is also working on rebooting Ingress, the company’s first mobile AR title, along with a new game set in the Harry Potter universe.

As an amusing side note, a message that says ‘not in-game footage’ appears during the beginning of the ad.

You can find the surprisingly charming ad above.