Cogeco CEO voices support for Wi-Fi-first MVNO model


  • Victoria G.

    If it means breaking apart companies that seem to be sleeping with one another and offering true value and affordability for Canadians then I am all for Cogeco Mobile. Let true competition come!

  • john smith

    cogeco is super slow to inovate.. this ceo just 2 years ago said Canadians don’t need 1 gbps internet.. what a joke

    • Brian

      What do you think you need 1gpbs Internet for?

  • Brian

    [WiFi first] MVNOs FTW!

    Break up the racket.

  • Afcan Stellar

    All of Europe which is the size of Ontario has unlimited talk,text and data up to 100gb. Canadians need to have more options it makes perfect sense for cogexo to join the wireless business in its service areas. Until Canadians have $10 for a 1000 minutes plan we will be the highest paying for mobile services in the world. Even some African countries have $1 for a thousand minutes.