Ace Eyewear sunglasses are Spectacles designed for Facebook, YouTube and Instagram

Despite a plummet in popularity, from a purely technological standpoint, I’m a big fan of Snap’s Spectacles, which only recently launched in Canada.

The ability to easily capture 360-degree video directly from a pair of glasses is undeniably weird and silly — but it’s still a very compelling concept. One important feature was missing though: the ability to easily post video to Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.

Sure, it is possible to post to other social media platforms with Spectacles, but the process is far from seamless, destroying the inherent point of the glasses’ purpose in the first place.

This is an issue Acton’s Ace Eyewear aims to solve. While Spectacles can only post to Snapchat, wearers of Ace Eyewear can live stream video, post clips and still images to social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, via a dedicated smartphone app.

From a technical perspective, Ace Eyewear sunglasses can shoot 8-megapixel photos and capture HD video, though it’s unclear what specific resolution video is shot at. The camera features a 120-degree shooting radius, and photos or video can be recorded by clicking the glasses’ shutter button on the top left-hand side of the frame.

Battery life reportedly measures in at 1.5 hours of continuous recording, with 80 hours of standby power. Furthermore, the glasses are dust and waterproof and include 4GB of built-in memory. Video can be shot continuously for 40 minutes, which is monumentally longer than Spectacles’ quick, 30-second videos.

Unlike Spectacles though, Ace Eyewear records video a rectangular format, rather than the circular videos created by Snap’s glasses.

Ace eyewear are available for pre-order now for $99 USD (about $120 CAD), at a 50 percent discount from the regular cost of $199. Early bird shipping is reportedly set to start in April.

Enjoy the amusing, but still somewhat tired trope-filled Ace Eyewear trailer above. While Ace Eyewear certainly seems like a more capable set of smart glasses at the outset, they’re also bulky and significantly less stylish when compared to Snap’s offering.

Late last year, Snap reportedly lost $40 million USD after Spectacles sales cratered.

Source: Ace Eyewear  Via: The Verge