Add stylish captions and filters to videos with Clipomatic [App of the Week]

Clipomatic app Spider-Man

Sometimes, raw videos just aren’t good enough to upload to social media. Sometimes, you’ll want to give them a little tune-up before they’re ready to wow all of your followers.

To help with that is developer Apalon’s Clipomatic, a premium iOS app that lets you add fancy captions to your videos to spruce them up. While using Clipomatic, any video you record can be edited using dozens of settings to make them as personalized as you’d like. The app supports 40 different languages, including English, French, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese (Cantonese, Mandarin and Taiwan) and Russian.

Clipomatic app video editing

There are nearly ten different styles of captions to choose from, including comic book-style speech bubbles, chalk-like text and thought bubbles. You can also take advantage of nearly 20 unique filters for the video  itself, such as the brighter ‘aspen’ hue, the black-and-white ‘nut’ or green-ish ‘bamboo.’

The app is quite good at correctly picking up what you say, but you can also go in and manually type in text if need be. (In one instance, when recording in French, the app thought I said ‘padre’ instead of my name, ‘Bradly.’) Individual words are conveniently marked by a specific time stamp in the video, making it easy to go through if you ever need to make a change.

Clipomatic video editing

Once your creation is saved to your Camera Roll, you can share it from the app with friends via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, text messaging, email and more.

Whether you’re vlogging, putting up a quick Instagram story or just looking to say “hi” to your followers, Clipomatic offers some creative and fun tools to make your videos look great.

Clipomatic is available on iOS for $6.99 CAD.