Amazon Prime Video now available on Apple TV in Canada


  • Marshall Davidson

    Well its been available on my TV directly and on Nvidia Shield so no big deal here…That said Amazon needs to improve the content because compared to the U.S. version its pretty anorexic

    • It’s Me

      Generally, not a big deal. In the context of the current fight between Amazon and Google, it’s perhaps a bigger deal.

      They’ve gotten to the point now that google is now blocking youtube on Amazon devices, all to strongarm Amazon into selling their hardware.
      I guess Google believes in a strong and open internet as long as it’s on their terms.

      Amazon and Apple are fierce competitors, but the google cattiness could drive them closer.

    • Marshall Davidson

      Would be nice if Apple Music could be played back on Echo devices

  • redlow

    Still waiting for a Roku version. At least it is on Ps4 now.

    • smallmj

      Also still waiting for Roku version. At least it works in Chrome on Linux, unlike CraveTV

  • Thomas

    This should be 4th Gen, not 3rd Gen. 3rd Gen didn’t have an app store.

  • Jonathon

    Still waiting for Amazon to make their Roku app work in Canada.