Razer Phone to receive portrait mode and shutter speed improvements

razer phone

The Razer Phone has been receiving mostly positive feedback so far from many tech publications and reviewers, but the camera has undoubtedly been the worst part of those reviews.

Even though the handset features dual 12-megapixel rear cameras among other high-range specs, reports say the shutter is slow and HDR makes it even worst.

Thankfully, Razer is looking to improve the camera on the handset, according to the company’s CEO and co-founder Min-Liang Tan, who posted the following to his Facebook page:

At this time, we are working to update features such as shutter speed, low light and many other optimizations to the current software. These fixes and optimizations will be progressively released over the next few weeks.

Further, in future updates over the next few months, we have new camera features planned. The next major camera app release will add some new features like the new instazoom button. This will help users immediately jump to the optimal zoom with the telephoto lens. This feature was requested by nearly all reviewers. We will very likely be adding 4x slo motion recording as well.

Features like portrait mode, 60 fps video, and additional speed improvements will be coming in late Q1 with our Oreo update. We are still investigating additional performance / speed improvements for this time frame as well.

If the camera enhancements are effective, the Razer Phone may be able to boost its critical reception even higher than its already adequate standing.

Source: Min-Liang Tan Via: Android Police