Public Safety Minister says telecoms need to improve privacy protections


  • Do Do

    “According to the information in the public domain today, the companies need to improve their level of performance in protecting the privacy of their customers,”

    Why? there’s no consequences right now, No laws, so why would they care? You think you scary words matter, make laws to regulate them and fine or jail anyone who doesn’t follow the rules.

  • Bill___A

    It is unfortunate that a broadcaster had to get a hacker to demonstrate that there are security problems.
    To Rogers: Even though you “can’t disclose” what has been put in place, this exercise has demonstrated that your measures are far from sufficient. It is difficult to believe that anything effective has been done.

    To Bell: There are thousands of carriers worldwide, To use “privileged access at a provider” as a security method is laughable.

    To Telus and the rest of them: Bell and Rogers were targeted in this demonstration, but there is no reason to believe any other carrier is less vulnerable.

    Canadian carriers should be at the forefront of technology and security. Those countless robo calls that come through every day should not happen. There needs to be accountability of where calls come from (not based upon the changeable calling line id) and the ability to find out and block where illegitimate calls are coming from. If you can’t trace and stop the calls, how could you trace and stop SS7 hackers? They are basically “callers”.