Knock out Your Holiday Gift Giving with these Black Friday Deals (SyrupDeals)

The holiday season might seem harrowing when it comes to finding gifts for family and friends on your list. Fortunately, we’re here to help you get a head start with 5 giftable Black Friday deals that are going for up to 80% off.

Nix Mini Color Sensor

MSRP: $126 CAD

Sale Price: $88 CAD [$69 USD] (30% off)

Whether you’re painting a car or designing a site, color matching isn’t something you want to guess with. The Nix Mini Color Sensor allows you to scan any painted surface and match it to an existing color library of more than 28,000 brand name paint colors, as well as RGB, HEX, CMYK, and LAB colors. Whether you’re working on leather, fabric, vinyl, etc, the Nix pinpoints colors with extreme precision.

RevolCam: The Multi-Lens Photo Revolution for Smartphones


Sale Price: $44 CAD [$35 USD] (40% off) ENTER BFRIDAY20 for an additional 20% off! 

Versatility is the name of the game with RevolCam’s revolving lens design. Compact and simple to install, the RevolCam allows you to easily switch between wide angle, fisheye, and macro lenses for whatever photos you’re trying to capture. Plus, there’s even a detachable LED light to capture perfect photos in any conditions.

TREBLAB X11 Earphones

MSRP: $255 CAD

Sale Price: $45 CAD [$36 USD] (81% off) ENTER BFRIDAY20 for an additional 20% off! 

You shouldn’t be forced to compromise when shopping for wireless earbuds. Powerful, long-lasting, and ultimately portable, the TREBLAB X11 Earphones cover all of your bases—and without breaking the bank. On sale for only $45 CAD, these wireless earbuds put out powerful Bluetooth audio, feature passive noise cancellation, and even let you take calls straight from the earpiece.

HD Wide Angle Waterproof Action Cam

MSRP: $190 CAD

Sale Price: $61 CAD [$48 USD] (67% off)

Designed to be jitter-free with a wide-angle lens, this action cam is capable of documenting your high-octane adventures in crisp, clear detail. It features 1080p recording, with the option to film in loops or capture high-quality photos with the 12MP lens, and it can even take pictures and video up to 30 meters underwater.

SKEYE Nano 2 FPV Drone

MSRP: $126 CAD

Sale Price: $81 CAD [$64 USD] (67% off) ENTER BFRIDAY20 for an additional 20% off! 

The SKEYE Nano is the world’s smallest camera drone, allowing you to record clear video with a Wi-Fi controlled camera. And, thanks to its adjustable gyro sensitivity and 6-axis flight control system, this tiny drone is easy to control for even the most novice pilots. What’s more, the SKEYE Nano features LED lights for nighttime flight and can be flown via smartphone as well.

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