Report reveals that telecom industry networks are vulnerable to hacking

A CBC report has highlighted just how easy it is to hack a cellphone


  • takeitforwhatitsworth

    That’s something that’s been well known for a while in the cyber security crowd for a while. The network was not designed with security in mind so that’s what you get. Things are probably not going to get any better until they move to 5G

    I love how all the telcos have the best mostest top notch technology and yet they are still vulnerable. Of course, they can’t talk about it for security reasons. That only protects themselves because the bad guys already know how to take advantage of this.

  • Do Do

    Who would be surprised at this?

  • The weak end is always going to be where calls need to be routed through other networks.
    VoIP calls that can be encrypted have always been better.


    Well once there is an exploit from bad hackers we know we’re gonna be compensated well!!

  • JD

    This ain’t new. This vulnerability has been publically known for at least a decade. It would have helped if GSM and Cellular technology wasn’t designed to be backdoored in to from the beginning. Nokia when they developed GSM and the foundation for modern cellular was pressured by governments to remove or lower the level of encryption so they could continue to wiretap the public.