The Geekbench 4 Pro benchmarking app is currently free on Google Play

Primate Labs’ Geekbench 4 Pro app is now free on Google Play, though it’s unclear for how long.

It’s likely the company is offering Geekbench 4 Pro as a Black Friday promotion, though it’s impossible to tell whether it will last the full day or longer.

Geekbench 4 Pro allows users to run a CPU tests on their device. The tests are designed to accurately measure a smartphone’s CPU performance, and the tests are multi-core aware, meaning it’ll measure the full potential of a handset.

The tests also measure processing power of a device’s GPU and battery performance.

Though it’s often difficult to understand what the Benchmark results mean, it’s always useful to compare them to previous results of the specific device or compare them to other handsets online.

The app usually costs $12.99 CAD, so now is definitely the time to get it. Download Benchmark 4 Pro here.