Apple has publicly disclosed its self-driving car research


  • It’s Me

    To be clear, they’ve release a small but important part of their research.

    • Smanny

      Google search “how LiDAR works”

  • Smanny

    So Apple only got a permit to start testing Autonomous vehicles on the roads back just 8 months ago. Yet other companies have been testing autonomous vehicles on the road for many years.

    So basically Apple’s version of their LiDAR is better than everyone else’s version. Why because their VoxelNet software can detect things like people and cyclists as well as other small objects. So has Apple got a hold of the competitions LiDAR software, or their autonomous vehicles? Clearly they can claim their version of LiDAR is better than everyone else’s. Give me a break.

    Anyone who has seen or worked with LiDAR knows that a LiDAR unit generates a 3D point map of what it is focused at. If it’s LiDAR, then that’s what they all do, LiDAR generates a 3D point map, period. You just have to Google search how LiDAR works.

    Oh, I guess the competition never came up with the same idea years before Apple started using their LiDAR. But alas other companies for years have used their LiDAR to detect moving objects, period. Plus LiDAR can be used to detect how fast those objects are moving from one frame to the next, and that is just from using LiDAR alone. That is before Apple came on the scene with their published claims.