Telus partners with Tunstall connected healthcare company to develop advanced medical tech for Canadians


Telus Health, the telecom giant’s healthcare division, has partnered with leading connected healthcare company Tunstall to develop advanced medical technology for Canadian patients.

Together, the two companies will provide Canadians with Tunstall’s ICP Integrated Care Platform, which leverages remote monitoring and videoconferencing telehealth software solutions.

Specifically, the initiative aims to help patients with chronic conditions and help prevent unnecessary hospital admissions. According to Canada Health Infoway, patients spend an average of 5,800 waking hours with chronic conditions each year, while typically spending fewer than 10 hours with a healthcare professional.

Patients will be able to use Telus’ Home Health Monitoring solution (powered by ICP) track and upload their own vital signs from home. Afterwards, virtual care teams can remotely monitor the biometrics in real-time and intervene accordingly.

“Creating tools that allow patients to partner with their caregivers to manage their own health is a foundational step in our pursuit of a fully integrated healthcare ecosystem,” said Dr. Michael Guerriere, Chief Medical Officer, Telus Health, in a press statement. “Our home health monitoring projects have resulted in significant cost savings and reduced patient emergency room visits and hospital re-admissions. Patients using this technology reported being highly engaged in their health and enjoying an improved quality of life. Our relationship with Tunstall will advance the capabilities of our current solution to provide more Canadians with the opportunity to stay at home while closely managing their health.”

As per a Public Health Agency of Canada report, 16 percent of the Canadian population say they’ve been diagnosed with at least two of the 10 common chronic diseases. Further, it is estimated that Canadians over the age of 60 typically have three or more chronic diseases.

“We are proud that TELUS Health has chosen the Tunstall Integrated Care Platform to be the core of its managed service model for remote patient monitoring,” said Oscar Meyer, President and CEO, Tunstall Americas. “We share a passion for helping patients remain safe, healthy, and independent at home through innovative technology and high-touch connected monitoring services.”

Source: Telus Health