Son continuously unlocks mother’s iPhone X using Face ID

With Apple getting rid of the fingerprint sensor for the iPhone X and using Face ID as its new bio-metric feature, many users have been trying to find ways of tricking the device.

While identical twins can definitely trick Face ID, close relatives can as well. A new video has appeared showing that a woman’s ten year old son was able to unlock her iPhone X with his face.

A report from Wired notes that the son was able to unlock the device each time he tried. Ammar Malik, the son, was even able to unlock the father’s iPhone X, however, only on one instance.

When the mother re-registered her face, the son was no longer able to unlock the Face ID. Sana Sherwani, the mother, tried to replicate the indoor, nighttime lighting condition, which she used to first set up her iPhone X. Afterwards, Ammar was able to unlock her phone once again.

On the sixth retry, Ammar was again able to unlock the device. Afterwards, he could consistently unlock his mother’s smartphone.

While Apple says Face ID is more secure than Touch ID, with false positives happening between twins, siblings, and now a parent and her ten year old child, it brings Face ID more into question. It is possible with her son’s young facial features and age caused Face ID to be confused, however, it means parents with the iPhone X may want to test out Face ID with their children, before leaving their phone lying around.

There have also been concerns that there isn’t enough legislation in place to protect someone’s privacy when it comes to Face ID. In an in-depth featureMobileSyrup staff writer Sameer Chhabra spoke to various police officials and other experts, who revealed that there are several ways in which Canadian law isn’t currently prepared for biometric security features like Face ID.

Source: Wired