Here’s Caseology’s lineup of Google Pixel 2 XL cases

Caseology Pixel 2 XL cases

Caseology, a relatively new upstart in the hyper-competitive smartphone case industry, has released an impressive line-up of Pixel 2 XL cases.

Unlike most smartphone enclosure manufacturers out there, Caseology aims to combine style with ample protection.

That hasn’t changed with the company’s recently released Parallax, Legion and Vault series for the Pixel 2 XL. Though some of the cases are on the bulky side, they’re also some of the most stylish I’ve ever encountered, particularly if you’re fond of geometric-influenced design.


Caseology Parallax Pixel 2 XL case

With a focus on texture and design through its geometric back pattern and three-dimensional cover, Spigen’s Parallax case stands out from other smartphone enclosures on the market thanks to its unique look.

The case is made from durable TPU enclosed within a hard PC frame, allowing the Pixel 2 XL to withstand even the worst falls. Interestingly, the case also features specific grooves designed to make it easier to hold the phone when taking video.

That said, if you’re looking for a slim case, Caseology’s Parallax offering likely isn’t for you as it does feel a little bulky when compared to cases from other manufacturers, as well as the company’s own Vault series (more on that case later).

Finally, the Parallax case also features precise cutouts and surprisingly responsive button covers, as well as raised camera and screen bezel protection.

Caseology’s Parallax case is available in ‘Black,’ ‘Burgundy,’ ‘Ocean Gray’ and ‘Navy.’


Caseology Legion Pixel 2 Xl case

Just like Caseology’s Parallax offering, the legion series of cases features a TPU sleeve and a PC hard cover, offering ample protection (though again, this also makes the case a little bulky).

The case is slightly weighted for a more secure grip, complete with a slick matte shell that offers durable impact protection and a comfortable hold. The phone raised front lip and four-point rear guard also help prevent the Pixel XL 2’s camera bump from getting scuffed and scraped.

All in, the Legion case feels very similar to Caseology’s Legion enclosure, only with subtle design differences and a design that comes off as a little more aggressive.

Caseology’s Legion case is available in ‘Warm Gray’ and ‘Copper Gold.’


Caeology Vault Pixel 2 Xl case

Having been a smartphone case enthusiast for a number of years, I know what I want when it comes to protecting my smartphone. While I found Caseology’s unique looking Legion and Parallax cases to be a little too bulky for my taste, the company’s Vault case offers a better balance between style and protection.

The Vault series features a single-layer TPU design, giving the user ample protection, but cutting out the additional bulk. Other features like the three-dimensional textured cover, corner cushion protection and the precise cutouts, also all carry over to the slightly thinner Vault case.

Caseology’s Vault case of only available in ‘Black.’

You can find all of Caseology’s Pixel 2 XL cases at this link.

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