Vietnamese IT security company claims to beat iPhone X’s Face ID using $150 mask

Bkav says it was able to 3D-print a mas that tricked Face ID


  • It’s Me

    Inexpensive but far from trivial. Certainly it isn’t so broken as to be compromised by a photo.

  • ciderrules

    I don’t buy it. Just like with all those TouchID hacks, nobody shows a complete video of the whole process.

    There were two brothers who “tricked” FaceID and they weren’t even twins. Turns out the second brother entered the PIN after a failed unlock, which causes FaceID to add the facial data it just scanned to the existing face data stored in your iPhone. If they entered a PIN after a failure with the mask then it would “learn” the mask.

    Oh, that and they’d have to turn off the haze detection feature.

    • Marshall Davidson

      Of course you don’t buy it because you allegedly spent six grand on this crap and have been spouting off how the phone is unhackable from the Face ID perspective. Do you honestly believe a talented individual couldn’t find a way to effectively trick a device into unlocking? Do you seriously believe this technology is foolproof?

      At the very least Apple should’ve given users the option of Touch ID/Passcode to unlock for those inclined however in typical Apple fashion they shove what they want down your throat and gullible types lap it up. smfh

  • thereasoner

    Should have kept the fingerprint scanner as another way to unlock.