OnePlus starts rolling out OxygenOS update, includes fix for Freedom Mobile LTE

Some good news for Freedom Mobile subscribers looking to purchase the OnePlus 5


  • It should be a simple common sense that, as long as the phone supports the band, it is expect to working 100%. Otherwise, it is some kind of unfair one-sided clause.

  • Matty

    Updated my OnePlus 5, but it does not seem to have fixed anything. I still drop to H+ or 3G.

    • Matty

      If anyone else is having trouble getting LTE to stick, try clearing your cache from recovery mode. Seems to have fixed the problem for me.

    • Igor Babichev

      In my case even before the update it seems to have been working pretty well with Freedom LTE in Vancouver. It would sometimes drop to H+/3G, but would switch back, sometimes within a minute, sometimes it might take longer, but usually after a completed call it would jump back to LTE right away. I installed the update, but haven’t got a chance to test it out yet as I haven’t left home with WiFi since installing it last night

    • Matty

      I’m in Vancouver as well and my experience was different, weird. After a reboot 4G would be active, but for less than an hour and would never switch back after dropping to H+/3G. Anyways, the update has been working for me and that’s pretty great.