Amazon launches ‘Retro Zone’ to sell old-school gaming products

NES Classic Edition

Amazon has announced the Retro Zone, a hub that sells products related to old-school video games, such as downloadable apps, classic consoles and merchandise.

It’s important to note that the Retro Zone is a part of Amazon.com, not Amazon.ca. As a result, some items may either be subject to an import fee or not be able to ship to Canadian addresses altogether.

Starting today, Amazon.com will have a dedicated section that features all kinds of gaming-themed products, including some from major publishers such as Nintendo, Square-Enix and Atari.

Some of the retro games that can be purchased from the Amazon Appstore include Final Fantasy VI, Sonic the Hedgehog 2 and Atari’s Greatest Hits. 

Retro consoles, like the NES Classic and third-party equivalents, can also be ordered, although some of them are marked up rather significantly from third-party sellers.

Action figures, books, t-shirts and even arcade machines are also available.

Amazon says there will also be “a new rotation of discounted games and exclusive products” every month on the Retro Zone.