Microsoft warns the Xbox One X could be difficult to find when it launches

Xbox One X

Microsoft’s upcoming Xbox One X is going to be a difficult console to find when it launches on November 7th, according to a quote stemming from GamesIndustry.biz’s recent interview with Xbox UK director Harvey Eagle.

“It was the fastest pre-order of an Xbox that we’ve ever had. I can’t guarantee that stock will be available in launch week for people to just walk into a store and pick up. Demand is really high. I’d just encourage people if they want one at launch, to get moving,” said Eagle in the interview with GamesIndustry.biz.

Eagle goes on to say that while stock may be in short supply at launch, new stock will hit store shelves leading into the holiday season, at least in the U.K. It’s unclear what the Xbox One X stock situation will look like in Canada, but it could be very similar.

Pre-orders for the Xbox One X have been difficult to secure in the Canadian market since they first went live back in August. It’s unclear if Eagle’s comments are little more than him towing the company line in an effort to build up hype for the mid-generation update to the console, though they very well could be.

Microsoft’s Xbox One X is set to deliver true 4K HDR gaming with a number of new and upcoming titles, with many past games being updated to feature various visual “enhancements.”

MobileSyrup will have more on the Xbox One X next week.

Source: Gamesindustry.biz