Netflix says over 300 million people around the world watch its content

Netflix app on iPhone

Netflix’s most recent earnings report posted 109 million global subscribers, exceeding the company’s expectations and bringing stock to an all-time high.

However, Netflix says its reach is actually far greater than the total subscriber count.

In an interview about preparing for the second season of Stranger Things, Netflix’s vice president of product innovation, Todd Yellin, said the company’s viewer count is “north of 300 million people.” Yellin said this number includes factors such as multiple user profiles existing under the same Netflix account.

Yellin also broke down how this viewership is divided by platform:

  • About 65 percent of viewing was on a TV
  • 20 percent on a mobile device (notably, usage on phones is rising, with tablet use decreasing)
  • 15 percent on a computer

Stranger Things season 2 premieres on Netflix tomorrow.

Going forward, Netflix has also revealed what’s coming to the service in November. A full list of next month’s movies and TV shows can be found here.

Source: Business Insider

Correction: This article originally stated that Netflix has 104 global subscribers. The actual number is 109 million.