Sonos One smart speaker is now available in Canada

Sonos One smart speaker

The Sonos One smart speaker is now available in Canada for $249.99 CAD.

Sonos’ One smart speaker is currently powered by Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant, which is not yet available in Canada.

Sonos writes on its website: “voice control for Sonos is not supported in Canada, yet. These features will be available when Sonos and a voice service launch together in your region.”

The Sonos One will also support the Google Assistant, which will make it the rare smart home device to utilize both of the most popular voice AIs currently available in North America.

When both assistants become available the Sonos One speaker will receive an update, so users can start using the features right away.

As for hardware, the speaker uses two class-D digital amplifiers tuned to match the speaker drivers and acoustic architecture. It uses one tweeter, a mid-woofer, an adjustable bass and treble controls. The Sonos One smart speaker also uses a six far-field microphone array, which is used for beamforming and echo cancellation.

The Sonos One smart speaker also features capacitive touch controls so that users can turn up and down the volume, go to the previous or next track and play, pause and mute the microphone.

The Sonos One smart speaker can be purchased at Amazon.ca and Sonos’ website in either black or white.