Telus confirms VoLTE is now available in all of Quebec

Telus logo on wall

Telus’ voice-over-LTE network has expanded to include the entire province of Quebec, the carrier has confirmed to MobileSyrup.

Users first began to see availability for the feature in Montréal in early 2017, but the carrier had yet to confirm its official availability for the entire province until now.

The carrier’s VoLTE service is currently available in Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Ontario, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and parts of Northern Canada for a select group of iPhone and Android devices that support the feature.

VoLTE is a technology that, as its name suggests, allows for voice calls to be made over the carrier’s LTE network rather than its HSPA network. Benefits include being able to use LTE data and voice call simultaneously, increased availability of HD voice service and faster call set-ups.

Without VoLTE, subscribers are relegated to using 3G data while on voice calls.

It’s also important to note that VoLTE does not eat into data allotments and that there are no additional fees to use the feature.

To use VoLTe, subscribers must have a LTE SIM card and VoLTE-compatible device, then enable the feature under data options in settings.

In respect to VoLTE emergency calls, Telus says VoLTE E911 service is only available in Alberta, British Columbia and Manitoba (Winnipeg and Brandon), but customers in other areas can, of course, still use standard 911.

Telus launched VoLTE calling back in April 2016.