ISED launches consultation on allocating wireless spectrum over next five years

The government says it seeks to make cellphone bills more affordable


  • Benjamin Lehto

    I’m waiting for the article that reads the following.

    “The government MAKES cellphone bills more affordable”

    • Captain Pokemon

      It will probably happen when Mars turns blue.

    • TY Gta

      You might have to move to a different country for that article…

  • Guest

    can someone ask the government why carriers all do not lower your rate after you have paid out the cost of phone, in many cases $30 is part of bill that carrier is recovering the device cost, some carrier seem to fell generous and lower your monthly service fee by $10, also, why do some carriers force you to purchase device with some plans (as part of plan)

    • specialk2000

      Switch to a carrier that doesn’t do that then.

    • Guest

      which of the 3 big carrier lower your price $30 (the price you pay monthly to finance phone) after phone is paid off?

      I am on small business plan with TELUS, not sure my price will go down a single dollar

    • specialk2000

      Fido and Koodo do. Not sure if they have specific small business plans or not. With Telus I know at least for the consumer plans they offer different tiers of plans based on how much of a device subsidy you want. Maybe you could downgrade to a BYOD plan once the contract is up if its available. Not sure how much savings that is though.

    • Guest

      I appreciate your comments, I am committed to a TELUS $100/month small business plan that is perfect for me today. I am about 25% through the contract. I was forced by TELUS to purchase a phone to get this contract.

      Since I purchase iPhone’s outright at Apple Store, once contract is finished and I am not longer paying around $30/month for financing a phone I did not want, I believe TELUS should lower my monthly service cost by $30 since I am not planning to fiance a phone thru them.

      I have heard TELUS may change my plan to BYOD and lower by $10 or $20 per month, why do they not lower rate by cost of what was financed and do this automatically. This is where I think the government could put pressure on carriers.

  • SV650

    Transportation fuel is too expensive. When is the government going to do something about this cost?

    • Goran Mihajlović

      It’s second cheapest of all OECD countries in Canada. More than cheap fuel we need useable mass transit

    • SV650

      I forgot the /s to close my comment!

  • Captain Pokemon

    “Canadians said that they find the cost of cell phone services too high, and our government is listening,”

    Really????!!! Lol