Public Mobile offers bonus data on 90-day LTE promo plans

Public Mobile's new promo provides data bonuses on 90-day LTE plans


  • Kenjuta

    title says nation wide calling but the plan shows province wide calling

    • Bobboganush

      No, they mean the first one. Going to unlimited Canada wide is an extra $15 (or $5/month). That will give you unlimited nationwide calling. The “6 GB” is actually stretched out over the 3 months.

      They need to be more accurate and tell us the truth that it’s only 2GB per month.

    • Alex

      no wonder i felt confused when i quickly glanced over it, the numbers just didn’t seem right, from the article’s title. ty on the clarification

    • Kenjuta

      ah i see. title is confusing as hell then

    • MrQ

      The correct and accurate way is indeed 6gb/90 days.

      if they say 2gb/mo then that is wrong, as you could be using 1gb in first month, 4gb in 2nd month, 1gb in 3rd etc

    • Bobboganush

      yeah, but by giving the monthly price and saying that it offers 6 gigs without also stating that it’s for the full 90 days and not per month (as the stated price), PM is using a basic advertising ploy to sway customers.

      Not illegal, but not overly ethical either.

      Then again, this is a company that wastes time trolling Freedom Mobile customers on Twitter, so.. yeah. There’s that.

  • Techguru86

    PM are a joke, they’re just kept to compete against Freedom Mobile, and in this day and age, people don’t want to deal with call centers and Pre-Paid only.

    • Bobboganush

      And PM doesn’t even have call centres.

    • specialk2000

      Barely has an online forum.

  • Appleboy69

    Umm so when I select this stuff on their website it’s 225 not 165? So im confused at this wole article?

    • Bobboganush

      It’s because they decided to advertise it by telling us the FULL amount of data over the 90 days, but giving us the price monthly. Typical bait and switch.

    • Appleboy69

      F * * cking morons

    • MrQ

      you both are wrong.

      $165 = 12gb data
      $225 = 18gb data

    • heynow00

      The benefit is the data bucket is 90 days and not 30

  • NK

    Sad, they used to be a good option. This is still quite increased from their regular rate a few months back when 6gb/Unlimited Global Text/Unlimited Provincial calling was $120 for 90 days. Now with this “special” it is $150. With their ridiculous support process and decreased value, I would just pay the same or a few bucks more for Koodo, Virgin etc now.

  • Manuel Orellana

    Agreed. I’ve signed up a few lines already with them but i’ve had friends who had nothing but problems signing up for service. I think they don’t understand that the fact that they don’t provide telephone support or any live person has a cost, it looks like they want to charge the same as everyone else or close to it without providing some of the value added services like tech support that other carriers provide. People will look at it and say, why should I go through all this hassle to save a few bucks, it’s better to pay more and get things done right the first time, specially when the gap between them and Koodo or Chatr for example is not that wide anymore. Sorry Public smarten up and go back to what made you popular, great plans at great prices with no support.

    • Brandon Arneson

      Chatr isn’t even worth signing up for because if your on one of their in zone phone plans you are restricted to using your phones features in whatever cities they call in zone which is so stupid because your on the Rogers network and as soon as you leave any of their in zone cities you get roaming charges plus your never told when your out of a zone you have to find that out on your own by dialing a certain number. At least with freedom mobiles Canada 150 and Everywhere59 plans the zone restrictions are removed because you get free roaming outside of them and your data is unlimited on both plans whether your roaming or not.

  • Ipse

    If this is their way to win back customers pi$$ed at the idea of 2.5Mbps data (aka 3G…more like 2.5G), they failed miserably. WTF is with these greedy companies? “Shareholder value”?

  • Samano

    2gig a month on a smart phone in 2017. Smh I’m creeping on 4gig a month from there freedom mobile switch deal which I find isn’t two bad for 40$ for 4gig a month on a 90days plan

    • johny

      i have 20 gig for $125 on Rogers.

    • Samano

      that’s a great deal . Your lucky

  • Brandon Arneson

    Glad I’m on freedom mobiles LTE Everywhere59 plan with free canada and usa roaming plus I have the $10 3gb data add on to give me a total of 11gb of high speed data on freedoms 3G and LTE networks before my speeds are throttled with unlimited use and no charges then I get 1gb of high speed roaming data then my speeds are throttled with no charges and unlimited use. I pay $69.44 every month. Well worth it and its better than any of the other carriers plans that have either $70 or $100 per GB for overage charges.

    • Jonavin

      It’s a great value if the reception works for you. Unfortunately it still doesn’t for everyone. Free roaming doesn’t help when you have bad coverage in HOME zones.

    • Brandon Arneson

      Yea sadly not every coverage area they have is as well covered like Edmonton Alberta and the 6 surrounding areas where I’m located. There’s only a few places I have issues with home coverage and two of them are stores that are bad for cell service on any carrier and one of them is my aunties house where inside her house on the main floor I get weak signal but my service is still usable and there is a tower planned to go up closer to her house so I’m happy. Once I get WiFi calls texts and MMS sent to my Galaxy A5 then I can use my phone over WiFi anywhere.

    • MordimerYYC

      I can only wish that Freedom will add towers in Calgary as I haven’t seen much movement on that front. Still, moved from Irresistible 35 Everywhere 59 LTE but only because a friendly representative on Facebook offered me the Friends and Family code which made the switch worthwhile.

    • Brandon Arneson

      They are constantly improving the networks and currently they are focused on rolling out LTE in all the areas they give service but I’m sure once thats done in the fall of 2017 they will start adding coverage in more places but you have to report areas that need improvement to them otherwise they won’t know about it

    • Samano

      Sound like your trying to convince yourself that freedom is worth it when you run in to problem with the signal . I was on wind since 2012 , when i was at the hospital and can’t use my phone that was the last chance I give them

    • Brandon Arneson

      No that’s not what I’m doing at all. Your not even supposed to be using your phone in a hospital anyways. I have been a few hospitals in Edmonton Alberta and I’ve never had a signal issue in any of them. Sounds like your in Ontario or BC where their network isn’t build as well, there’s well over 100 towers in Edmonton Alberta and the 6 surrounding cities with home coverage so it looks like Ontario or BC doesn’t have that so of course their network will suck in those places, or it could also be because Alberta is flat and BC and Ontario have a lot of mountains and hills that block the signal.

  • Jonavin

    Plans are now a confusing mess. They raised prices before they did these promos. Ignoirng their Fall Promo, the prices are still not as good as their “regular price” a few months ago.

  • Matt Welke

    Right now I’m still on their older promo where you get 12 GB of LTE data over 90 days for $120 ($40/mo for 4 GB/mo). Are these still grandfathered in as long as you’re never late paying your bill?

    • Benoit Bourdua


      Great plan, I’m on that also.