This NES Switch controller looks awesome but is super expensive

NES Joy-con

While ColourWare has been painting custom versions of the Nintendo Switch since April, the company’s latest NES-style variant is only available in a limited run.

The gamepads adopt the traditional grey, black and red colouring of the classic Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) from the mid 1980s. To ColourWare’s credit, the company has completely nailed the gamepads colour scheme, completely with two-tone grey and glossy red accents.

The controllers, however, have a hefty price tag attached to them — $200 USD, which is well beyond double the price of a standard Joy-Con in Canada.

Given Nintendo’s track record when it comes to releasing limited edition handhelds, particularly the 3DS, it’s likely that the company will release an official NES inspired Joy-con at some point in the future.