Samsung smartphones could start featuring safer solid-state batteries before the end of 2019

Galaxy S8

Samsung could start integrating next-generation solid-state batteries into its smartphones within the next two years, according to a report published by The Korea Herald.

“Our technological level to produce a solid-state battery for smartphones will be mature enough in one to two years,” said an anonymous executive with Samsung SDI, the battery-making arm of Samsung that gained notoriety last year for the Note 7’s flame up. “However, it depends on Samsung Electronics whether it will be used for phones.”

Solid-state batteries present one major advantage over the lithium-ion power cells found in current smartphones. Due to the fact they’re manufactured with solid electrolytes, they have a significantly lower risk of catching fire or exploding.

According to the same executive, other companies — including LG Chem, the subsidiary that makes the batteries found in LG smartphones — will likely start mass production of their own solid-state batteries within approximately the same time-frame.

Solid-state batteries are also expected to make electric vehicles significantly safer. However, Samsung doesn’t expect its new EV batteries to make it to market before 2025 due to stringent regulation related to car safety.

Source: Korea Herald Via: Android Authority