Rogers offers $50, 4GB loyalty plan in response to Public, Freedom


  • But this is still $10 more….

    • Techguru86

      And still isn’t unlimited data

    • Brandon Arneson

      Exactly. Freedoms everywhere 59 plan gives u unlimited data with 8gb at high speed on the home network if you sign up while the 2gb bonus is offered or 11gb if u pay $10 extra like I do then you get 1gb of high speed data for roaming of Rogers and telus in western canada then rogers abd bell in eastern canada and there’s no charges after the full speed allotments are used.

    • Mark Abi-Rashed

      Unlimited (Brandon’s words) “useless throttled data speed”.

    • FireStream

      still unlimited i like to see you go over on rogers/bell/telus by 10 gigs tell me how high your bill is thanks. and they do that to stop people abusing the network

    • Mark Abi-Rashed

      What good is unlimited if it can’t be used? Brandon calls throttled speeds useless on smartphones and the second stage “Totally Useless”.
      It’s like going to an unlimited food buffet but all the food is rotten. What’s the sense?

    • milagroful

      Ya but depending where you go freedom coverage can suck

  • Alanina

    Ask Rogers if this plan will give you VoLTE access if your phone supports it. For me it didn’t with this Loyalty plan and now I opened a ticket…still not resolved.

    • Carpentractor

      So far unless you are going to get a phone from Rogers, it doesn’t seem like they will allow it to work, I have spent hours and hours on the phone with them and they made those features work on my unlocked Pixel for a month, bit they disappeared and they can’t bring them back. It BS. But, they really did try.

  • Is this a ‘1-year price promo’? They got me once with that years ago, never again

  • Canadiana Jones

    F..k. And I just upgraded to regular share this morning. F..k.

  • Stephen_81

    hmmm, I could cancel my wifes line remove her from my share plan and get her onto this plan and save some money!

  • Brandon Arneson

    Not gonna make me switch I really like my Everywhere 59 plan with free Canada and usa roaming with unlimited data whether i roam or not on freedom mobile and my speeds are only throttled after I pass a full speed allotment when I’m on the home network and the one I have for roaming. The best part is there’s zero overage charges!!

    • Mark Abi-Rashed

      I guess you’d be referring to no overage charges on (In Brandon’s own words) “useless throttled speeds” Freedom imposes after you use your full speed allotment. So it would seem that the choice is….pay to use data you can actually use or don’t pay for data that’s uselessly slow.
      Funny how you forget about that considering you complain about it CONSTANTLY.

    • Brandon Arneson

      I don’t complain about it constantly. And you will never get unlimited high speed data on a carriers network. I’ve asked freedom to change their throttling speeds to 3G. We will see if that happens. The entire point of their current throttling is to avoid congestion on the network and I’d prefer that over nasty overage charges plus the huge expenses the big3 charge for low data limits.

    • Midnightdoom

      I agree.. Freedom gives decent home data amounts before throttle.. Wish roaming was higher but I’d rather slow down than surprise fees.

      I wonder tho when you hit 1gb roaming I think it is slowing my home too.. Called Freedom and he got me to run speed test. I think it was like 3mb/s average.. Is that normal, he said they consider that full speed or higher

    • Brandon Arneson

      It slows down when roaming as well and there’s no charges plus u can still use data

    • Mark Abi-Rashed

      Seriously man, learn to read. Where did I say ONE WORD about unlimited anything on any other network. The one and ONLY point I made is that you, Brandon Arneson, call Shaw/Freedoms throttled speed “USELESS”.

    • Brandon Arneson

      What did u expect the throttled speeds to allow u to do? They are useful for streaming audio and video at low quality as well as basic internet tasks and they don’t bog down the network for everyone else which is good. I honestly don’t mind the 256kbps download 128kbps upload stage its the 32kbps download and 16kbps upload speed that I don’t like however one of my friends has said that he doesn’t get the last stage of throttling while roaming and other people have said the same. Once again I’d prefer throttled speeds over being charged extra for going over my data limit. Not everyone is happy with it but for the majority of the customers including me it works just fine. Yes I’ve complained about in the past but now the only time I’ll be throttled is when roaming because I pay $10 extra to get a total of 11gb on the home network which will be expanded everywhere one day.

    • Mark Abi-Rashed

      Your lack of reading comprehension skills are worrisome. I don’t “expect” anything. Where did I write anything that implies expectations?
      Again I will explain….. The only point I’m making is that you are claiming that you prefer to not pay overages. You have complained to Freedom that their throttled speeds are useless and the second stage is “Totally Useless”.
      Your “friend” who said Freedom got rid of second stage throttling simply because he didn’t get throtted …. You personally asked Freedom if this is true and they told you they did NOT get rid of second stage throttling (people have eyes you know, they can read what you type online).
      I’m not arguing with you, I’m using your complaints to point out your hypocrisy.
      Your agrueing with yourself really, they’re your points.

    • Mark Abi-Rashed

      Is it a weak signal with poor penetration, is it a useless throttle speed………..NO IT’S FREEDOM BOY, able to defend Freedom from all complains (even his own). His ability to flip flop enables him to thwart attacks against Freedom regardless of whether he agrees or not. In the guise of Brandon Arneson he makes complaints about Freedom Mobile BUT when others dare make the same complaint, Brandon becomes FREEDOM BOY and rushes to Freedom’s defence.
      FREEDOM BOY’S weakness’s are logic and unbiased thinking.
      Stay tuned for the next adventure of

      FREEDOM BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Brandon Arneson

      They actually got throttled and experienced this themselves. And I know how to read by the way. What the company says happened and what actually happens when your throttled are two different things.

    • Mark Abi-Rashed

      Knowing how to read and “READING COMPREHENSION” are 2 totally different things.
      While you can clearly read individual words, your “COMPREHENSION” of what all those words mean AS A WHOLE or IN COMBINATION (sentences and paragraphs) are seriously lacking, I’d say almost non existent.

    • Techguru86

      It’s slow but can still use facebook, twitter, just not streaming, if you want to complain , ask the carriers to give you the sweet data plans in Que and Sask

  • florin

    I am with fido 2gb for $60 loyalty plans for two lines . I called and got 2gb more for each line. Good job Freedom, what next?

    • Rob

      What next? Freedom goes under as everyone switches from being poached by the anticompetitive big 3.

      Big 3 then proceeds to double everyone’s rates as a thank you for ridding them of freedom

    • Mawhayden

      As long as the consumer gets the better deal, I could care less what the carrier name is….I will go to Rogers like a flash and drop them the same.

    • Rob

      Once Freedom is gone, and they will eventually be, it won’t matter what the carrier name is, you are right, blue purple or red colour bill , the price will be exactly the same.

      A generous bucket of unlimited minutes no one will use and 1gb of data for $120.

    • Garrett Cooper

      Curious why you think Freedom will disappear? They’re owned by Shaw, who’s wanted to get into mobile for a long time, and have more than 1M customers. I bought one of their phones last week but am returning it due to network, but that’s because my office sucks for coverage (Bell LTE only gets 1 bar) and I live near the edge of town and it switches between 4G and LTE. For most though, it would be adequate, and much cheaper. Plus their new sp[spectrum so better for building penetration so this should only improve.

      I honestly only see Freedom improving and growing. Their rates may go up a bit, but their network will too. And still be cheaper than the Big 3.

    • Rob

      I hope they don’t disappear but companies like telus using public to target freedom whose network isn’t as good yet by severely undercutting them and then seeing hundreds of posts online of people switching.. well you know what happens next.

      I think the end game will be the big 3 will launch a killer promotion simultaneously causing everyone to switch. I doubt they will sit by as freedom grows and poaches their clients

  • Queso Hombre

    I called them up and the Rogers rep said she never heard of this plan, then tried to sell me on a $100 deal.

    • Keith Richmond

      Make sure you ask to speak to someone in retention. Your first contact with Rogers wont’ be able to help you with this.

    • clockwork

      When you call Rogers, go to Account Changes and Cancel Services for Wireless and you go straight to retention. I basically told them straight out, “I heard on the internet about the $50/4G plan for people who may want to switch to freedom” and he acknowledged and gave it to me.

  • milagroful

    I’m definitely checking this out

  • Benoit Bourdua

    Let’s see… 38$ vs 50

    And the crappy Rogers network vs the superb Telus one.

    Ok. Pass. 🙂

    • Jesse

      True, but PM is missing Canada-Wide calling and more prefer roam like home rather than PM 10 day roaming passes.

      Does PM has VoLTE & Wifi calling yet?

    • Erwin_Ign

      Public Mobile does have Canada wide and us-Canada calling

    • Jesse

      Yes I know they do, but it’s not apart of this plan.

    • Arman

      Exactly, Lets see $38 – $3 for 3 referrals = $35

      Nice try Rogers lol

  • Eluder

    Just switched all three of my lines to this plan. Pretty solid deal and won’t need to switch to public next time they open their promo plan to everyone. VoLTE and wifi calling included, note that it’s basic voicemail that is included with this plan.

    • Carpentractor

      Do you already have a Rogers device for your volte and wifi calling to work? Rogers won’t make it work on my Google Store pixel… They did for a month, it was amazing, I never realized how much those network features mattered, they can no longer get their system to recognize my phone as a Rogers device and to their credit they have spent hours and hours on the phone with me, but to no avail!

    • Eluder

      No, I’m using an unlocked iPhone 7 Plus purchased from Apple directly. It shouldn’t require a lot of work to get it going, most likely just adding the IMEI of the phone to your account.

  • MoYeung

    Someone asked me whether he should switch to this plan (he is on 6GB for $65 a month, no caller ID, no voice mail, but has my10 number).

  • skinned

    They can do better. I get 6GB for $30.

    • You’re talking about just a data plan, this is an entire plan. No comparison.

  • Mike Salamander

    Hahaha Rogers is funny, Im with them and switched to Freedom then ported to Public Mobile after I heard of the deal. Didnt call a Rogers retention because I dont really need them, and thats what most Rogers customers who are switching are doing, they are tired of the overbilling and want prepaid instead. Even after paying for a sim card from Freedom and getting a one month plan I still save $20 a month or about $1500 a year for our family plan of 6 lines. Only issue was the porting but now everything works dandy. Rogers lost a valuable customer

    • Kiki

      How the porting work with freedom mobile? I will need to port two numbers from rogers to Freedom. Do I have to unlock my phone (through rogers) before starting the porting process?

  • clockwork

    Called and done. my wife switched hers as well.
    The only reason I stay with rogers is prob Roam like home just because of the convenience when I go to the US or travel abroad. Ya I know you can get throwaway sim cards, but convenience of not fumbling with sim cards.

  • L Joel

    this basically the corporate rate or close to it. 5gig for 48$

  • Vag Eye Lenol

    I also had the the 6 gig for $30. I was with Rogers ever since before the iPhone… They refused to activate a new phone unless I switched to a family share plan. So I got a new phone through Wind aka Freedom. Sure you can have a shiny plan that you’ll have to switch off of after that term. I had the same plan for years, had bought a new phone once in a while, what changed? Something seemed wrong but after years of being a customer it seemed real smart to leave them after being given ultimatum on my service. $80×12mnths×10yrs = $9,600 to Rogers
    Not including paying outright for devices. So much for being a customer.
    Same calculation with Freedom is equal to $6000.
    I gave Rogers $3600 for nothing. I also had the the 6 gig for $30. I was with Rogers ever since before the iPhone… They refused to activate a new phone unless I switched to a family share plan. So I got a new phone through Wind aka Freedom. Sure you can have a shiny plan that you’ll have to switch off of after that term. I had the same plan for years, had bought a new phone once in a while, what changed? Something seemed wrong but after years of being a customer it seemed real smart to leave them after being given ultimatum on my service. $80×12mnths×10yrs = $9,600 to Rogers
    Not including paying outright for devices. So much for being a customer.
    Same calculation with Freedom is equal to $6000.
    I gave Rogers $3600 for nothing.
    Enjoy your “promotional” $50 plan plus fees until your 1yr and be forced to choose a new plan. Why not give your money for service that is fairly priced in the first place.

  • Garrett Cooper

    Is this available in Alberta? I called Bell last week saying I was looking into Freedom and all they said was the network sucks, and wouldn’t offer me anything worthwhile. I then bought an S8 on Freedom and it sucks for my use, returning it today. Ironically Bell called me back offering me a 3GB plan for $91 and the S8 for $0, which I feel somewhat tempted by. That said, I wonder if you could sign up for Rogers, then call in mentioning Freedom and get them to give you this offer…..

    • Kiki

      yeah, this deal is available in Alberta.

  • Ramona Gill

    Tried to switch today first was told they never heard of this offer then after a long time on the phone this offer had expired.