Virgin Mobile debuts new $15 per month 3GB of data tablet plan [Update]

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Virgin Mobile has gotten rid of its 2GB per month wireless plan for tablets and changed it to a 3GB plan at the same price. Any tablet can be financed on this plan at $15 per month. This includes the Apple’s iPad Mini 2 with 32GB of storage and Samsung’s Galaxy Tab E with storage 16GB at Virgin Mobile.

In contrast, other telecommunication companies like Bell, Rogers and Telus offer plans at significantly higher prices, such as 1GB of data per month for $10. Fido, meanwhile, also sells a similar plan offering $15 per month for 3GB of data on any new tablet purchase or already own and bring to Fido.

Purchasing tablets with data allows users to search the web no matter where they are, though a better option for most is just tethering their smartphone to a tablet. To put this amount of data in perspective, with 3GB of data users can watch up to 12 hours of Netflix, depending on streaming quality.

Update 2017/07/10: The Virgin Mobile tablet 3GB of data rate plans expired on July 8th. Now the telecommunication company is re-introducing its 2GB of data for $15 per month plan.