Virgin Mobile debuts new $15 per month 3GB of data tablet plan [Update]


  • Stephen_81

    $15/3GB of data, if I can lock it so there is no overage, my Son could have a data only device to play his games on when in the car, no more hotspotting,
    and realistically 15/3GB of data is cheaper than adding a $10 data sim to my share everything plan and increasing my data allotment to allow for the extra usage.

    • LeTricolore

      On Android, you could make it so your data stops working once you reach a certain amount each month. There might be a way to lock the setting so your son can’t change it, but no idea.

      Don’t think it’s possible on Apple products though. Not without a third party app at least.

    • Stephen_81

      The accuracy of the onboard tools is terrible unfortunately, my Wifes phone has a 2GB notification on it, and often I see in the account settings her sitting near 3GB, but her phone is still showing sub 2GB. fortunately I have a 2GB buffer on the shared account so it doesn’t matter, but it is inaccuracy like that that makes me wish this was available at the carrier side.

  • hunkyleepickle

    I’ve considered getting one of these tablet only plans for my unlocked phone for years. It’s basically at the point where most people really don’t need an actual phone number anyway, and can easily get by with data only.

    • gremlin0007

      What app would you use to get calls? Hangouts only allows for outgoing calls..

    • Brian G.


    • gremlin0007

      Thanks! I’ll look into it!

    • Ipse

      Bidirectional with a Google Voice number.

    • gremlin0007

      Yeah, I’ve been having a little problem adding Google Voice here… I don’t go to the US often.

    • Ipse

      It used to be a lot easier a few years back when I got mine….a VPN and a US number ( IP ALL st the time).
      Now you need a REAL US cell or landline #, but it’s still doable. Ask an Amerifriend to allow one single verification call to his number. Mind you…every 3 months….

    • gremlin0007

      whoa every 3 months… that’s kinda annoying. If it only takes a verification number then I can def ask an Amerifriend. Thanks a lot!

    • Jim__R

      TextNow – does SMS and voice (despite the name) is another option.

    • gremlin0007

      Thanks! I’m installing it now, going to try it out!

    • MrQ


    • gremlin0007

      What’s app doesn’t let you receive call from landlines or people without What’s app right?

  • maattp

    I’ve been using the $15/month 3 GB Fido plan with my iPhone since Christmas. Works great. I use Fongo for the odd time that I want to make an analog call or send an SMS.

  • Stephen_81

    Fido support tells me that it is not legal for the carrier to disable overages at the Carrier level, Can @MobileSyrup clarify if this is the case? or are they blowing smoke up my keester?

    • Kenneth Rose

      Well if it is then how is Koodo doing with their shock free data?

    • skinned

      I’ve never heard smoke. Until now methinks.

    • Zach Gilbert


  • Wunsch

    Am I missing something? I don’t see this plan on their website. All I see in the tablet section is the flex data plan, which is definitely not this good.

    • dirtyKIMCHI

      It looks like it is only available with a tablet.

      Source: http://www.virginmobile . ca/en/phones/phones-summary.html?itcid=NAV:149&filter=A3112174#!/A3112174

    • Wunsch

      Oh, you have to buy a tablet from them in order to get the plan? I guess that makes some sense. That reduces my level of interest, however.