South Park: Phone Destroyer soft-launches in Canada on iOS and Android

South Park

Ubisoft has announced that its new free-to-play South Park mobile game, South Park: Phone Destroyer, developed by its RedLynx studio through a collaboration with South Park Digital Studios, is now available in Canada.

South Park: Phone Destroyer combines real-time combat with card collecting and features the series’ trademark visual style. Gameplay focuses on player vs. player combat and places an emphasis on strategy. While I’ve only spent a few minutes playing the game so far, it shares a lot of similarities with other card-based games like Hearthstone and Clash Royale.

In Phone Destroyer, Cartman and other South Park series’ characters dress up like cowboys and battle it out against other children in the neighbourhood.

The game is set to release worldwide in the App Store and Google Play Store later in 2017 and is currently available to Canadians as a soft launch for both iOS and Android.