Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announces new company vision, Group features

Facebook Mark Zuckerberg presentation

Facebook co-founder, chairman and CEO Mark Zuckerberg has announced a new vision for the company.

Speaking at the first-ever “Facebook Communities Summit” in Chicago, which featured hundreds of Facebook Groups admins, Zuckerberg said the company’s goal going forward will be “to bring the world closer together.”

“Communities give us that sense that we are part of something greater than ourselves, that we are not alone, and that we have something better ahead to work for,” Zuckerberg said. “This is our challenge. We have to build a world where every single person has a sense of purpose and community. That’s how we’ll bring the world closer together.”

To help achieve this, Facebook has announced several additions coming to Groups.

Group Insights: Admins will be able to see real-time metrics giving information on growth, engagement and membership — such as the number of posts or which posts received the most attention

Group to group linking: This feature is being tested in the new update, allowing admins to recommend similar or related groups to their members.

Membership request filtering: Admins can sort and filter membership requests based on common categories like gender and location, allowing them to accept or decline all at once.

Removed member clean-up: Admins can now remove both people and the content they’ve created within a group, including posts and comments.

Scheduled posts: Admins and moderators can create and schedule posts on a specific day and time of their choosing.

Facebook says there more than one billion people around the world who use Groups. While this Chicago summit was the first of its kind for Facebook, the company says it plans to hold similar Group-based events outside of the U.S. in the future.

Source: Facebook Newsroom