Mario Kart gets the virtual reality treatment on HTC Vive

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Mario Kart has been on all sorts of Nintendo platforms, most recently the Switch system, and now it’s heading to virtual reality of all places. Bandai Namco is opening a virtual reality arcade in Tokyo on Friday, July 14th which will offer 15 different titles, including a HTC Vive VR version of the 2005 arcade game Mario Kart GP.

Players will hear an HTC Vive headset and steer using a racing wheel, all the while using the Vive Tracker remotes to grab items like shells to throw at competing drivers.

The arcade will also feature VR content from other properties, including Ghost in the Shell and Dragon Ball.

The Mario Kart VR experience is currently only confirmed for Japan, so it’s unclear if an overseas release will ever come to pass. Outside of VR arcades, Nintendo has previously gone on record to say it would consider supporting VR on its Switch system if it can resolve issues associated with motion sickness.

Via: Polygon