NEXT Canada survey shows that tech enthusiasts are more likely to be positive about the future

In what should come as no surprise to tech enthusiasts, tech enthusiasts are more likely to have a positive outlook on the future.

That’s according to a NEXT Canada survey that’s part of the ‘What’s Now What’s NEXT’ campaign.

NEXT Canada is a non-profit organization that advocates for increased cooperation between entrepreneurs and innovators.

The study surveyed 1,200 English-speaking Canadians from across the country who were asked questions relating to the future of technology in Canada.

The results show that technology enthusiasts are 65 percent more likely than the rest of the population to express a positive outlook on the future of technology and society, as well as the future of the planet.

It’s important to note that only 27 percent of respondents identified as “tech enthusiasts.”

Interesting to note is that it’s not just tech enthusiasts who are hopeful for the tech-driven future:

  • 53 percent of all people surveyed said that it’s like that the next 150 years will see the use of one global currency
  • 52 percent believe that augmented reality will replace mobile phones
  • 63 percent believe that classrooms will be replaced by digital learning experiences

The survey also delved into Canadians’ short-term and long-term predictions for the future in regards to transportation, banking, food supply, and education.

An interesting fact is that 29 percent of Canadians believe that teleportation is going to be a form of transportation in the future.

The full results can be read below:

An infographic that provides more detail on the results of the What's Now, What's Next survey