Elon Musk reveals footage of 200km/h underground electric sled

elon musk boring company

One of Elon Musk’s many jobs outside of running Tesla has been constructing underground tunnels with his Boring Company.

Recently, the tech visionary took to Instagram to show the fruits of the company’s labour, revealing footage of an underground electric sled travelling at speeds of up to 200km/h.


Work on Boring’s first tunnel is now underway, which runs from Los Angeles International Airport to Culver City, Santa Monica, Westwood and Sherman Oaks in California. On Instagram, Musk says future tunnels will cover all of greater LA.


Musk says the sled allows for rapid transportation of cars – mere minutes between LAX and Westwood – and automatically switches between tunnels as it follows the underground path.


Musk first pitched the underground tunnels in January following complaints of heavy traffic in LA. He promised to “build a tunnel boring machine and just start digging.”

In other Musk-related news, Tesla has opened up pre-orders for its energy-efficient Solar Roof, which is available in Canada.

Image credit: Elon Musk