Amazon Prime Video app for the Apple TV to reportedly be announced at WWDC


  • Sergey D

    I wonder when will they lunch Amazon Prime Video on Amazon’s Fire TV in Canada?
    It would be sad if they’ll lunch it on Apple TV first

    • Allyouranusarebelongtous

      Funny that, LG managed to get it on my OLED TV. When third parties are rocking services amazon itself doesn’t support on it’s own devices, it’s impossible to get excited about future products from them. They are not a solutions provider to Canadians. Also OK Google is smarter than Alexa.

      Bit Ranty, but I think you get my point. BTW UHD seems to work on American Gods. No HDR support in app on the LG TV yet for me.

  • Colin Sewell

    Sorry, Canadian customers excluded.

  • Pedro

    I wonder when the Amazon Prime Video Roku app (which already exists!!!) will make it to the Canadian Roku app store?!?!?! Or, how about Amazon’s own app supporting Chromecast? Ugh.