Google’s unreleased Fuchsia OS features its own card-based UI called Armadillo

Armadillo UI on Fuchsia OS

Since August we’ve known that search giant Google has been working on a new operating system currently codenamed Fuchsia. Now, however, it looks like the OS’ user interface (UI) has its own title as well, Armadillo.

Kyle Bradshaw from Hotfix first discovered the UI and says it’s set to be the default UI for Fuchsia.

Armadillo is built with Google’s Flutter SDK that uses a muliti-platform code, allowing it to run on Android and now Fuchsia. Because of the usage of the Flutter SDK, it means that Fuchsia’s UI is able to run on Android devices.

It appears Fuchsia is more of a card-based system when compared to Android Nougat. It looks like it is set to be used on smartphone and allows for a variety of cards to be dragged around for either split-screen or tabbed viewing, very similarly to how recently opened apps work with Chrome.

Fuscia also seems to have a Google Now-like system providing suggestions and a search bar located on the main screen. Each card looks like a different app, instead of having specific app buttons you go straight into the app card.

To give some insight into Fuchsia, it’s an OS made by Google that has nothing to do with Android and it also isn’t built on the foundation of Linux’s kernel either. In fact, Fuchsia is built on ‘Magenta’ a newer kernel developed by Google.

Armadillo UI on Fuchsia OS

Keep in mind, however, that Google hasn’t officially announced Fuchsia or Armadillo.

The search company could potentially be waiting for Google I/O 2017 later this month to officially reveal Fuchsia.

Image credit: Arstechnica

Source: Hotfix