Nintendo details upcoming characters and improvements coming to Fire Emblem Heroes

Fire Emblem Heroes game

In a video uploaded to the company’s Nintendo Mobile YouTube channel, Nintendo details some of the new features coming to Fire Emblem Heroes.

The video is presented in Japanese without English subtitles. However, thanks to Nintendo Wire, we have a good sense of what’s coming to the game next month.

To start, Xander, a character from the most recent mainline Fire Emblem game, Fates, will join the Heroes’ roster on May 2nd. Players will be able to battle Xander in one of the game’s ‘Grand Hero Battles’ where they’ll also be able to obtain him for inclusion on one of their teams.

Moreover, it appears other characters are on their way to Heroes. Towards the end of the video, Nintendo teases a special masked version of Lucina, one of the main characters from Fire Emblem Awakening.

Nintendo will also introduce new battlefields to the game. Specifically, the company detailed fortress-like environments that feature terrain that will seemingly add new wrinkles to how different characters types interact with one another. Based on the video, the new terrain elements appear to increase a character’s defense, as well as alters how magic works.

The most significant change, however, is a new feature called Arena Renewal. Moving forward, Fire Emblem Heroes will award players orbs, the game’s most important currency, depending on their arena rank tier. The higher their tier, the more orbs players can expect.

Lastly, Nintendo revealed that it will host a special in-game event in honour of Golden Week, an annual week-long holiday in Japan. During this time, players will have an increased chance to obtain Hector, Azura, Ryoma and Takumi through the game’s summoning mechanic. If you’re still playing Heroes, it’s a good idea to start saving your orbs to get one or more of these heroes, as they’re some of the best that are available in the game currently.

During its most recent fiscal earnings report, released on Thursday, Nintendo revealed that Fire Emblem Heroes has been a massive success despite the fact that it’s been downloaded fewer times than the company’s first mobile effort, Super Mario Run.

It’s likely the company’s much better efforts to support the game has helped in that regard. Just earlier this week, Nintendo added Ike, the star of 2005’s Path of Radiance and 2007’s Radiant Dawn, released on the Gamecube and Wii respectively. When Nintendo hold a pre-release asking Fire Emblem fans to vote for their favourite Fire Emblem character, Ike decimated the competition.

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