CRTC chair Blais criticizes carriers for fibre internet investment double-talk


  • Jason

    Anytime I hear the argument “instituting requirements to share the infrastructure of its fibre network could reduce its investment” I can’t but think what if they made it more fair for all parties and do an Android approach. Just put a thing in the advertising somewhere that says “parts of this network are provided by Bell, Rogers, etc”. That way the little guys can still have cheaper plans and the big guys get credit for the network, it’s not much different than Android phones/tablets, they all say “powered by Android” and you don’t see people flipping out saying “what you mean my Samsung/HTC/Moto are not powered by their own system!?!?!?”.

    • mola2alex

      What are you taking about

  • Dec

    Bell are increasing my monthly bill by $6 because quote “These adjustments support Bell’s investments of more than $3.5 billion each year in network infrastructure. They also enable us to keep providing exceptional new features, fast and reliable Internet, and world-class entertainment.”

    So while claiming they need price increases because of their investment they are claiming they will need to reduce investment because they have to share the infrastructure AND also claiming that the investment actually results in a cost saving? I give up, it seems no matter what happens the consumer will always end up paying more.

    • Troublemaker

      Such a scam

  • Patricia

    I so tired of hearing how crtc are supposed to protect Canadians from getting ripped off!!from bell,shaw,Rogers,,,,and each month my cable bill goes up!!why aren’t you doing your job??plus cost of cell phones!!????

    • TrollSoul

      Cancel your TV and internet services with them. Get an IPTV service instead, use a smaller company such as Start Communications or Teksavvy for internet services. The smaller companies just lowered their prices where the big three RAISED prices. You can pay SO much less and get SO much more! I don’t understand why people are still using the big three. There are many cheaper options out there that offer much, much better value and much better customer service.

    • TrollSoul

      And these days it’s better to just buy an unlocked phone outright (not from a carrier like Rogers or Bell). It is cheaper in the long run and comes unlocked so you don’t have to pay extra fees to unlock it if switching carriers . The best part is you’re not locked into a contract. Go with Public Mobile (Telus network). So much more value.

  • Benjamin Lehto

    They (the big 3) must be shakin’ in their boots. Blais is criticizing them.