Freedom Mobile buys customer new iPhone after finding out dealer sold a refurbished one


  • Beautiful Blessings

    Take the errant ‘dealer’ to a special place, appointed by the prophets, and separate the limbs from the body; this will discourage his mischievous malpractises, yes?

  • Andrew English

    That Freedom Mobile franchisee likely no longer is a franchise for them. When this kind of stuff happens cell companies have don’t give a damn and pull the plug on the franchisee. I am happy though that Freedom did the right thing for their customer, they could have said “too bad so sad” but they didn’t. Now if it were Rogers, Telus, or Bell they likely would have taken the low road.

  • George

    The fact is some of those dealers have their own side business in store from selling gray market devices to importing fake stuff from China and selling to whoever they want.
    Come on! You just figure this out after 6 years or so???
    No worries, when Shaw moves his people in gradually, it will put stop to years of mismanagement in that monkey run company!

  • eszklar

    Regrettable as this was, Freedom Mobile did right by providing the Customer with a working iPhone from Apple directly. That being said, if the forthcoming iPhone supports Band 66 this will be a major boost for their business, assuming their cellular network will be capable of handling the traffic. We’ll see.

    • George

      Why do you care, Mr. English teacher?

    • iTeodoro

      Hopefully we get the iPhone at Freedom Mobile to support their LTE!! 🙂

    • Techguru86

      Don’t count on it, band 66 is not used by the majority of providers in Canada and the US and Apple is always known for dragging there feet through everything

    • silver_arrow

      I thought one of the US carriers is rolling out 66, that’s why any devices support it period.

    • Techguru86

      AT&T I believe, but it won’t be deployed for over a year

  • KiwiBri

    Please proof read. ” is NO longer selling”

    • George

      Why do you care, Mr. English teacher?

    • KiwiBri

      Because the article was rushed and not well Proof read for a professional website, why do you care that I care?
      Oh, don’t bother to reply. I’ve blocked you from my discus feed.

  • Ali F.

    With “No longer selling”, Apple can easily sue them. I guess they were already selling the iPhone illegally until this happened. But, was this a clone? or a real iPhone?

    • Russ

      Good question. Does it still count as “refurbished” if the product had counterfeit and aftermarket parts in it? Or is that just a counterfeit device?

      I’ve always thought of refurbished as meaning “returned to and reconditioned/repaired by the manufacturer”.

    • TheMelonOfWater

      Refurbished doesn’t mean that it was repaired by the manufacturer. Manufacturers will typically refurbish their own products but there is nothing stopping a third party from repairing/refurbishing a product.

      That’s important to keep in mind when buying a refurbished product, you should always make sure that it was refurbished by the manufacturer otherwise it could have third party components in it such as the iPhone in this article.

  • Might be some brisk changes coming for dealers thanks to this incident

    • Beautiful Blessings

      True. In my country the ‘brisk changes’ would be between breathing and not…