Android co-creator Andy Rubin teases mysterious new device

Andy Rubin

Andy Rubin, the co-creator of Android is teased something new, yet again. It was less than three weeks ago when Rubin tweeted about a nearly bezel-less phone.

Rubin has now took to Twitter to ask his followers to guess what one of his colleagues is working on. According to Rubin’s tweet, the first person to guess right will receive a signed version of the mystery product when it launches.


Many of Rubin’s followers tried to their best to identify the product, with most suggesting that it’s some sort of device that allows 360-degree photo and video stitching. Several other individuals suggested it’s a 360-degree camera or some sort of VR headset. Rubin hasn’t replied to any of his mentions yet, but there’s the possibility he’s already contacted the lucky winner through a direct message.

Rubin is working with 40 former Google and Apple engineers on a high-end smartphone that’s nearly bezel-less. Currently, there’s little information about the device, but it certainly appears that Rubin and his colleagues are keeping busy.

Source: CNBC